UWA Oceans Institute

A world-recognised hub for collaborative and cutting-edge multidisciplinary marine research, uniquely positioned at the gateway to the Indian Ocean rim.

The UWA Oceans Institute brings together the collective strength of the University’s best and brightest researchers into a multidisciplinary, integrated research organisation across oceanography, ecology, engineering, resource management, social sciences and governance.

In the spotlight

  • Andrew Forrest calls for plastic waste to become a cashable commodity

    Thu, 26 Sep 2019

    Business leader, philanthropist and UWA PhD candidate Andrew Forrest has called for a voluntary contribution on fossil fuel-derived plastic, in a bid to stop up to eight million tons of plastic being dumped in the world’s oceans each year.

  • Super corals adapt well to cold but struggle with warming oceans

    Wed, 18 Sep 2019

    Super corals from extreme reefs can acclimatise to temperatures much lower than their natural environment but struggle to cope with their home reefs becoming hotter due to climate change, according to a global research team led by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at The University of Western Australia.

  • Sharing archaeological insights with Barrow Island's workforce

    Tue, 17 Sep 2019

    Fly-in, fly-out workers on Barrow Island are taking advantage of a unique opportunity to learn about the remarkable history of their workplace thanks to a collaboration between Chevron Australia and The University of Western Australia.

Our Vision

To be the leading global oceans research and training centre focused on the Indian Ocean.

It's fitting that in its 2030 Vision and Strategy, UWA has named oceans and the marine environment as one of its seven 'Grand Challenges'. For the Oceans Institute it means we will continue to pursue large projects that utilise the full breadth of our interdisciplinary skills, working in collaboration with industry, government and community partners.

Professor Peter Veth - Director, UWA Oceans Institute


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Over the years I have enjoyed supporting the pursuit of marine science and conservation and during this time I have observed an increasing desire by Australians from all walks of life to really care for the oceans. The marine environment is hugely important to the future wellbeing of all life on earth. To properly care for the seas we must do our best to understand them.
Jock CloughOceans Institute External Advisory Board