UWA Oceans Institute


The UWA Oceans Institute has a growing list of partners from industry, government and research institutions, both nationally and worldwide. These alliances provide opportunities for shared knowledge, facilities and innovation, to enhance our contribution to marine research.

Local and National collaborations

Industry and government connection is vital to the UWA Oceans Institute, supporting productive, multi-dimensional relationships and leading to collaborative research and new ocean-based initiatives.

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Oceans Institute member Professor Malcolm McCulloch is a Program Leader for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at UWA. This international team of scientists has analysed coral cores from three reefs in the eastern Indian Ocean to understand how marine heat waves unfold among the unique coral reefs of Western Australia.

Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC)

UWA is developing new state-of-the-art marine research facilities to enable critical research into the sustainable use of marine resources, environmental protection and climate change. IOMRC will be a leading marine science partnership in the southern hemisphere and the largest marine research capability in the Indian Ocean rim. The facilities are being developed as part of a collaboration between UWA, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, CSIRO and the Department of Fisheries WA. The UWA Oceans Institute has formed strong alliances with these leading marine research providers.

Industrial Transformational Research Hub (ITRH)

The UWA-led ARC ITRH for Offshore Floating Facilities is tackling critical engineering challenges and creating improved designs and operating procedures for remote, deepwater offshore oil and gas projects. With its partners: Shell, Woodside, Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas, ITRH will draw on world-leading expertise across meteorology and oceanography, hydrodynamic, geotechnical and reliability engineering. The aim of the ITRH is to develop and deploy new technologies and analysis methods that are required for safe and efficient projects, spanning wave and current forecasting, vessel motion and offloading analysis, riser and mooring longevity and novel anchoring and subsea foundations.

Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

The UWA Oceans Institute continues to support the work of IMOS by leading research, utilising state-of-the-art IMOS facilities. Providing strong capabilities for ocean and coastal modeling, IMOS delivers a wide range of opportunities in ocean science and technology.

Pilbara Marine Conservation Partnership

The UWA Oceans Institute, in partnership with CSIRO, is leading an assessment of the Pilbara’s marine environment to inform future management in the region. The first ever regional-scale assessment will provide essential information about the conditions of, and threats to, the Pilbara, balancing conservation objectives with commercial activities for long-term sustainability.

West Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)

The UWA Oceans Institute recognises the importance of local partnerships, linking with WAMSI and its scientific partners to support marine research that is focused on the pressing needs of Western Australia. WAMSI is a leading Australian marine research organisation, formed by a collaboration of State, Federal, industry and academic entities cooperating to create benchmark research and independent, quality scientific information.

Woodside FutureLab Oceanworks

Woodside FutureLab Oceanworks is a dynamic network connecting the best and brightest people, across Western Australia to collaborate, create and innovate.

We bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and parallel leading industries to create a world-class legacy of technological excellence.

Woodside RiverLab

The RiverLab – a collaboration between Woodside and The University of Western Australia – is a unique initiative aimed at developing innovations in offshore engineering via research, education and outreach.

International collaborations

The UWA Oceans Institute aims to enhance its research internationally by continuing to form strategic partnerships to solve ocean challenges. With links to hundreds of research institutions from nearly 50 countries, the Oceans Institute continues to publish world-class, multi-disciplinary research papers, highlighting our growing worldwide connections.

Global Ocean Observation System (GOOS)

GOOS is an international program preparing a global framework of observations, modeling and analysis of ocean variables. The UWA Oceans Institute has joined with the Australian Institute of Marine Science to support the coordinating activities of the recently established Biology and Ecosystems Panel of GOOS. This Panel aims to develop and coordinate efforts to implement a sustained and targeted global ocean observation system of essential ocean biological variables, driven by societal needs. The resulting information will be crucial to inform priority scientific and societal questions and will facilitate critical policy development and management decision-making on ocean and coastal resource sustainability and health.

Memorandums Of Understanding (MOU)

The UWA Oceans Institute is signatory to a number of significant MOUs with its marine counterparts at the Universities around the Indian Ocean rim as well as with the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution. These MOUs present unique opportunities for academic collaboration; for the alignment of goals between the two institutions; and for access to the facilities each has to offer.

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
UWA and the University Malaysia Terengganu (MUT) signed an MOU to explore joint research programs, co-supervise students, staff and student visitors and explore opportunities in development of on-line training.
University of Mauritius
An MOU was signed to enhance relations between UWA and the University of Mauritius in Indian Ocean research. The two Universities, through the UWA Oceans Institute and the Faculty of Ocean Studies, will now seek opportunities for integrated research and research capacity development in the Indian Ocean in emerging research areas such as ocean engineering, aquaculture, ocean forecasting, marine energy and marine ecology.
University of Seychelles
UWA Oceans Institute and the University of Seychelles’ Blue Economy Research Institute signed an MOU to cooperate in enhancing research and training capabilities; providing policy and managerial support to achieve common marine conservation objectives; providing expertise and technical support in marine environmental monitoring; and exploring collaborative opportunities in ocean engineering, ocean forecasting, aquaculture and coral reef health.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
The UWA Oceans Institute entered into an MOU with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to cooperate in the research areas of marine sciences and engineering, environmental management and governance. This MOU has also provided for opportunities to establish joint research programs and staff and student exchange.
Zhejiang University, China
The collaboration between China’s Zhejiang University and UWA promotes complementary expertise and a joint vision to drive economic growth in oceans and marine development in both China and Australia. The UWA Oceans Institute and the Oceans College at Zhejiang University are committed to establishing joint research programs and laboratories to establish closer links between marine researchers.