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Woodside FutureLab

Woodside FutureLab is a dynamic network connecting the best and brightest people, across Western Australia to collaborate, create and innovate.

We bring together researchers, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and parallel leading industries to create a world-class legacy of technological excellence.

Technical categories

Our program features three technical categories:
  • Ocean Engineering – which includes working with the ARC Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities to further industry impact and encourage research outcomes.
  • Plant of the Future – which includes working with the Australian Centre for LNG Futures Training Centre to explore the emerging fields of process intensification, additive manufacturing, next generation digital and robotics.
  • Enterprise artificial intelligence and analytics – which involves applying the latest in analytics and sensor technology to control and automate high-cost, high-risk or error-prone tasks.

These categories are supported by a range of external collaborators including UWA (Ocean Works and RiverLab), CSIRO, MIT, Monash and Curtin. Further information about Woodside FutureLab can be downloaded:

Woodside FutureLab [DOC, 1.2 MB]
Updated 10 Nov 2016

Woodside are also key partners in the Australian Centre for LNG Futures Training Centre and ARC Research Hub for Offshore Floating Facilities. The Training Centre and Hub are instrumental in developing transformative innovation that has impact on industry practices, improving competitiveness and safety.

Woodside FutureLab Exchange

FutureLab Exchange is Woodside’s virtual community platform, connecting industry experts and academic researchers to tackle tough real-world challenges.

Via blogs, event listings, notice boards, directories and resource-sharing, the platform mixes physical, digital and social collaboration, to deliver networking events and opportunities, to develop ideas and potential solutions, and to enable personal, business and research growth.

Participants in Woodside’s research program, researchers and other interested parties can connect to this platform by registering here.

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