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RiverLab is committed to engaging in research and teaching by linking scientists, educators and industry with the community.

There are various ways you can join RiverLab's community.

Innovative industrial research

RiverLab offers a low-cost, real-world research and development environment to work on ocean-focussed innovations.

If you have new ideas, or outcomes from existing research that require further testing, RiverLab can support you to develop your research innovation.

If you would like to be involved, please complete an expression of interest.

Innovative teaching and education

RiverLab is a world-class resource for teaching and education, offering opportunities for the creation of new information, data and experiences for students to extend the classroom out into the field.

If you are interested in using RiverLab for teaching and education, please complete an expression of interest.

RiverLab also supports a number of final-year projects in Science and Engineering. A list of recent projects is available on our projects page. Please review your school's project lists for new projects, or complete an expression of interest.

Data will also be available via this page in the near future.

Blue-sky research

The RiverLab is an environment for research, experimentation and prototyping.

If you have an inventive idea for a research project, please complete and submit the expression of interest to begin moving your research to RiverLab.


A list of RiverLab equipment that may be used is available for download:

Key objectives

  • Accelerate and support the development of offshore engineering
  • Support education and teaching for future ocean innovations
  • Drive research and innovation to address the challenges of deploying new technology in offshore engineering
  • Foster the growth of offshore engineering technology
  • Secure Western Australia's position as a leader in offshore engineering

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