UWA Oceans Institute

Outreach and engagement

Our engagement activities involve working with our collaborators to deliver research and training, as well as services that provide tangible outputs and build local capacity.

The UWA Oceans Institute also hosts events and activities to disseminate knowledge to the broader public and lead discussion and debate on current ocean issues.

The UWA Oceans Institute works to ensure its research has maximum impact. This involves collaborating with other researchers and institutions to achieve synergistic outcomes, maximising our resources and infrastructure in cooperation with partners.

The UWA Oceans Institute also engages with stakeholders in government, industry and broader society to identify needs and ensure that our research has maximum value, application and impact.

The UWA Oceans Institute engages broad audiences in a range of external activities. Our Dialogue Series addresses critical challenges by bringing together key stakeholders to debate the issues.

Through our Oceans Community, we raise awareness and engage communities and people of influence in ocean matters.

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