UWA Oceans Institute

Outreach and engagement

Our engagement activities involve working with our collaborators to deliver research and training, as well as services that provide tangible outputs and build local capacity.

The UWA Oceans Institute works to ensure its research has maximum impact. This involves collaborating with other researchers and institutions to achieve synergistic outcomes, maximising our resources and infrastructure in cooperation with partners.

The Institute engages with stakeholders in government, industry and the broader society to identify needs and ensure that our research has maximum value, application and impact.

Events and activities hosted by the Institute are designed to engage broad audiences in a range of marine related external activities and encourage discussion and debate on current challenges facing our oceans and marine life. Disseminating knowledge to the broader public and leading discussion and debate on current ocean issues is a priority for the Institute.

Through our Oceans Community we raise awareness and engage communities and people of influence in ocean matters. The Oceans Community is a program aimed at increasing awareness and engagement of the general public through:

  • encouraging greater engagement with groups that interface with the marine environment
  • raising awareness on recent developments in marine sciences
  • encouraging broader debates on important marine issues
  • channeling the community’s strong sentiments towards the ocean in effective and constructive stewardship
  • providing input to the UWA Oceans Institute research and activity from the broad diversity of experiences and insights of the citizens that interface with the ocean
  • developing a shared understanding of the oceans
  • addressing concerns of WA’s society that may involve the marine environment
  • making the general public more aware of the UWA Oceans Institute
  • promoting marine science to junior/ high schools and other educational institutions

Our Dialogue Series addresses critical challenges by bringing together key stakeholders in a multidisciplinary context to debate marine science.  

The Ocean Solutions Dialogues are a series of workshops providing a collaborative framework where academia, governments, industry and relevant society stakeholders contribute their collective intellectual capital, talent and power to take on opportunities to deliver ocean-based solutions to relevant problems.

Ocean Solutions Dialogues involve workshops with small (15-20) participants, by invitation, to ensure a fluid dialogue, and include participants from industry, government and academia with background relevant to the topic and whose operating environment and responsibilities lend themselves to experiences in the area.

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