UWA Oceans Institute

Blue Water Oceanography

Oceanography research provides a big picture of our oceans and how they work, from the tiniest marine organisms to massive ocean circulation patterns.

At UWA, we have been studying the secrets of the Indian Ocean along the coast of Western Australia. Our understanding of this vast and largely unexplored stretch of ocean is essential since the ocean greatly influences Western Australia’s weather patterns, species distributions and ecology and even fisheries productivity.

Oceanographic research at UWA can be separated into five main areas, with many researchers collaborating across these topics:

Each topic is concerned with a different process, interaction or driving force. Tides, winds and ocean currents can act independently or combine to generate complex patterns of sediment and plankton movement.

Oceanography research is applicable to a range of settings in WA and globally. From fisheries policy and bioregional planning to tsunami detection and the oil and gas industry, oceanography research is vital to our understanding of how the oceans work.