UWA Oceans Institute


We are focusing on the sustainable and innovative management of ocean resources to create wealth.

The UWA Oceans Institute aims to develop untapped opportunities to generate ocean-based solutions to safely and sustainably provide critical resources for human development, including water, food, energy and bioresources. At the same time, we are focused on protecting the underlying biodiversity and ecosystems that support these resources.

Underpinned by excellence in research, the deliberate exploration of Ocean Solutions can generate great opportunities for innovation, providing a competitive advantage to the industry partners collaborating with us to deliver this vision.   

Strategic intent

Australia is a maritime nation with more territory in the ocean than on land and an economy that heavily relies on its oceans, through fisheries, oil and gas and tourism. Australia has the potential to lead the world in the development of safe and sustainable uses of our ocean resources, opening a pathway of wealth and well-being through what is, in effect, our last frontier.

The objectives of The UWA Oceans Institute are to: